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Abstract Flame

I was born and raised in Western Australia, into a family with a great love for music, and for one another.  My Italian mum brought passion to our family, and a creativity that channeled itself through cooking, while my Burmese father's gift was being a musician, a self-expression that defined him his whole life long, and that my two sisters and I inherited.  I have been singing since the age of four, when I received a pink plastic cassette player with a microphone attached to it for Christmas.  I learned to sing all my favorite songs by listening to them over and over on this pink treasure, using the old pause, rewind, n' play method until I had memorized all the words and melodies, and my entire being was electrified by the power of music.  I dove into her heart first.  

Our house was full of music.  My dad had an impressive library, and through him I learned to appreciate a full range of different artists, becoming enraptured by their gifts of storytelling, and how the music itself opened new depths of feeling in me.  I began to understand the universal ability music has to heal and bring people together.  

I was enrolled in singing dancing school by the age of seven, amassing my own music collection by twelve, and by the end of primary school I had starred in my first musical and understood that I could act as well as sing and dance, and that the combination of these three modalities was the path for me.  I won a five-year scholarship to John Curtis College of the Arts that took me through my high school years, and began competing in international song festivals, performing at local community concerts, and making appearances on TV talk shows.  After high school I graduated from the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), and moved to Sydney to pursue my career in music and acting. My love of self-expression through these gifts has taken me on a long journey over many continents to land here in Los Angeles, with a twenty-year body of work acting in film and TV, voice acting, live performance in the LA music scene, licensing of my songs, and producing and writing 3 albums independently.

From the Universal heart of music and art, I am honored to share my creative gifts with you, encourage and inspire you with my songs and stories, and contribute to your projects.  It is through imagination that we can begin to conceive of a new world, so thank you for being a dreamer with me.  




'Chantelle's music is soulful and organic...with smooth alto vocals to match her emotional flowing assonance...and with a range of musical influences from The Beatles to Sade and a lot in between, Chantelle is undoubtedly an old soul with a new sound.'

-Music Connection Magazine


John Curtis College of the Arts (acclaimed performing arts high school, 5 year scholarship)

Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) majoring in Musical Theatre 

Winner of POPSTARS Australia, singer in all girl band Bardot


Songwriting Awards:

UK Songwriting Contest

Songwriter's Universe Song of the Month

Hollywood Music in Media Awards

International Songwriting Competition (ISC)

Lovers Gonna Love nominated best pop album 2018 Independent Music Awards (IMAs)


Film and TV:



How I Met Your Mother


Valiant Comics 'Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe', super villain Roku

Me and My Left Brain  AACTA nomination Best Supporting Actress

Iron Man VR video game voicing Ghost

DC Universe Doom Patrol voicing Baphomet

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